Why I Want to Come Back to Blogging

After leaving the world of blogging when I started uni in 2017 and only dipping in and out since then, I’ve come to realise that blogging actually did me a world of good. I enjoy writing, because it helps me sort out my thoughts into something coherent, and I can create something that I can look back on in years to come.

When I started 4 (!) years ago in July 2016, I wanted to treat this blog as a space to write whatever was on my mind. This definitely won’t change for now, and I see no need to monetise this blog yet. It has no theme, no responsibilities, no pressure – and I like that.



I have learnt so much from the people I’ve met and hung out with at uni, but I sometimes feel a bit like a sponge of opinions, absorbing other people’s thoughts and reasoning about certain topics and adopting them as my own.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing – often the only way I get information on certain issues like community-based activism, obscure historical facts or psychological phenomena is from my (often more informed) friends – but I find that I don’t have many original things to say.

Sometimes, I think that my originality has been sucked out of me a bit – when I’m doing problem sheets, I tend to regurgitate the lectures; when I’m doing music, I’m just following the notes; when I play sport, I follow the drills to a T. Hopefully this blog will bring my creative spark back!

Gorgeous rainbow


Whilst going for a coffee with two of my best friends, they told me that they really enjoyed reading my blog. I normally feel a bit embarrassed when I talk about this blog (it feels a bit indulgent to write about your feelings and thoughts, and blogging is definitely something that has died down since a decade ago) but they made me feel a little spark of pride for this little corner of the internet.

My Personal Record

My blog was also going to be a record of my experiences: something to look back on. I find it’s really easy to think that I’ve always thought the same way, or that I’m pretty much the same person as I was a few years ago – but it is fascinating how much I’ve changed.

I think it will also be interesting for future me to look back on my last years at uni transitioning into ~adulthood~. There will be a shift in focus in my content, and that’s ok.

Gorgeous forbidden city view, except for the rubbish bins…

I’ve always been into self-development, but it’s something that’s really hard to quantify. I find that writing about stuff like that helps me to realise how far I’ve come, what and how I need to change, and what experiences I will seek out. Writing is a qualitative way to understand progress.

It looks like it’ll be an exciting few years ahead. I hope you guys will stick around with me!



7 thoughts on “Why I Want to Come Back to Blogging

  1. Same here😅 not blogged in 2-3 years. I want to delete most of my old posts but… So many memories. And also I see where I was and where I am now, so I guess I shouldn’t delete them.

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