Hello, Internet!

As with most of my creative projects, this website started off as a bit of a procrastination. I have been itching to share and spread some ideas with the world, so I thought a blog would be a great way of reaching out, or at least to tidy up my thoughts on certain topics. In fact, I was inspired by Thomas Frank‘s advice for building a personal website but I decided that my first website would be professional and this second one would be for my thoughts.


So what is this blog actually for?

Well, I don’t expect very many people to read it as it’s mainly for my personal record, something I can look back to when I’m older and think ‘Wow I was totally crazy back then!’ or something along those lines. Also, designing this website will help me get to grips with how the whole web design stuff works, which is probably quite an important skill to have in the future.

There are millions of blogs out there to match the myriad of opinions, and this blog is essentially no different. However, I think it’s still worth it because I want to reach out to positive people and flex my creative muscles, which I don’t really get to do otherwise.

I am so grateful to you if you are reading this, and I’m so interested to hear what your opinions are! Do you think it’s worth it to add your own voice to the many millions of voices already out there?


P.S. the featured image here is of Grisedale Tarn in the Lake District, Cumbria, England. I went there for my Duke of Edinburgh award, which I will explain in a later post! It was such a fabulous place to camp, and the weather was lovely.


6 thoughts on “Hello, Internet!

  1. I do think its important to add your voice along with the millions. Becuase there are just more millions who arent and are just listening. Out of those you never know, you may be a inspiration, a good chuckle, or some sort of impact on them without even knowing. Besides no harm can come from it, so why not?

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    • Yes, I totally agree with you. Reaching out to other people, sharing ideas and opinions – these are always a good thing. The great thing about the blogosphere is that everyone is so supportive! There needs to be diversity in opinion and ideas for the world to improve, and whether you are reaching out to a couple of close readers or to hundreds of thousands, your voice is just as valid.

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  3. It’s crazy how different people can start blogs with such similar aims in mind. I also started my blog to keep a record of life and to have a creative outlet so I’m definitely excited to be following yours. Great minds 😉

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