Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award

A new award! Very exciting 😀


Why I Want to Come Back to Blogging

After leaving the world of blogging when I started uni in 2017 and only dipping in and out since then, I’ve come to realise that blogging actually did me a world of good. I enjoy writing, because it helps me sort out my thoughts into something coherent, and I can create something that I can…


Where Have I Been?

I would apologise and say that I’m sorry I’ve been posting very sporadically on here – but I doubt anyone is really expecting anything from me at this point…


I’m Back?

Long time no see!  Seems like I’m becoming one of those people who says “I’m back!!” then you don’t hear from them again for months. Hopefully, this time it’ll be different.  No promises though!  (Hence the question mark in the title…) A lot has changed for me since I last updated you.  I have almost…


Entertainer Blogger Award

I know that this nomination from Regina was from ages ago but better late than never right?  I wanted to really put some effort into saying thanks to all my followers who have stuck with me for the past year and a bit – thank you all so much for 600+ followers! And a special…