A Student’s Perspective: How University Has Changed My Perception of Learning

I’ve always thought of learning things as absorbing some fixed kind of knowledge, with an end goal (usually an exam). But after a few years at university (I guess as I have become more of an adult), I have realised that there is no fixed syllabus for learning stuff anymore.


Geeky Team Names: Chemistry

Back by popular demand – a continuation of the team names mini-series with a list of chemistry team names! So Basic Ironic Bonds Solution Squad We’ve Got Chemistry I’m Bond.  Hydrogen Bond. Elemental, My Dear Watson Triple Bonds pHirst The Periodic Table Dancers Diffracketeers Group 1/The Alkali Metals Titraitors The Comical Flasks The Ferrous Wheel…


Geeky Team Names: Physics

Since I really enjoyed making my list of maths team names, I decided to make this into a mini-series.  They’re great for club names too – let me know which subject you’d like me to do next! Again, here is a selection of my favourite physics team names – they’re pretty niche puns so you’re…