A Student’s Explanation: A Typical Day in My Life at Oxford University

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but it seems a bit like bad timing – especially as we’re still social distancing so it’s unlikely I’ll go back to Oxford until next year! I still thought it would be interesting to compare a typical social distancing day in my life with a ‘normal’ day in my life.


Hopefully my post will give a glimpse into my daily life at Oxford, when everything is going normally. It’s something I’ll miss in summer term, but at least I’ve still got another year after this!

Please bear in mind that this is just my experience, and lots of other people have wildly different experiences and daily routines. It’s not particularly exciting, but I enjoy everything I do and I definitely have activities to look forward to!

8 am: I get up at this time every day when I lived in college, whether or not I have a 9 am lecture (usually I do). In 1st and 2nd year, when I lived a bit further away, I got up at 7:30 am.

I’d get ready, make some tea, eat breakfast in my room, and make sure I have everything for the day. If I’m running late or have many places to visit, I cycle to lectures – if not, I put on my headphones and walk 🚢

My walk takes me past the most picturesque parts of Oxford

9 am: Usually 2 to 3 lectures in the morning, each 1 hour long. If I don’t have a 9 am lecture, I’ll do work in the college library πŸ“š(or in my room, when I couldn’t be bothered to move/the virus was spreading).

12:30 pm: Start queuing for lunch with my friends. Lunch (when it’s good) is usually the best part of my day! 🀀 I usually choose a vegetarian main (usually 2 choices for veggies, many more for meat-eaters), 2 vegetable sides and a warm dessert (college’s sticky toffee pudding is HEAVENLY!) πŸ› It’s done canteen-style in a pay-per-item system in Queen’s – comes up to an average of about Β£3.20, which is definitely cheap in comparison!

Afternoon: In 2nd year, I might have labs (Monday to Wednesday every other week). πŸ”¬Generally, tutorials (tutes for short) also tend to be scheduled in the afternoon to avoid clashes with lectures.

There are also loads of free and interesting talks or activities scheduled year-round in Oxford, like a talk by a Holocaust survivor or llama petting! 😻 If I have neither tutes nor labs nor any interesting talks to go to, I’ll usually be working in the library (you might catch me napping… πŸ˜ͺ)

Llamas are so fluffy 😍

6:30 pm: Dinner time! 🍽 The Queen’s College is a bit odd in that we are served dinner – and this definitely took me a bit of time to get used to! Since they serve us, we have to ‘book on’ on the online system and be there on time. One minute late and you don’t get dinner – unless you’re a clueless first year, in which case they might let you off…

Evening: Usually I have some activity in the evening, whether it’s orchestra, badminton, table tennis, chess or someone’s birthday celebrations. ️🎊 If not, I’ll usually be quietly working in my room until…

11:00 pm: Bedtime! πŸ›Œ

What would a normal day in your life look like?


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    • Ahh no don’t compare yourself to me! I was always whizzing round when I was in Oxford, but now I’m at home and doing online lectures I’m much less productive πŸ˜…


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