Liebster Award 4

Thank you so much to Mohamed at My Martial Path for nominating me for the Liebster award! Here are the rules (for those who haven’t read my previous Liebster awards)


  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Share 11 facts about yourself
  • Nominate between 5 to 11 other bloggers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions

Questions from Mohamed

1. What is your favourite food?

Ooh I have so many! And it depends on many factors – what type of restaurant I’m eating at, what the weather is like, how hungry I am… So I’ll list a few of my favourites here!

  • 🍊Favourite fruit: mango (which I wrote about in my first Liebster award!)
  • 🍨Favourite dessert: brownie and ice cream (cheating here because I love them both!)
  • 🍣Favourite meal: sushi
  • 🥘Favourite cuisine: Chinese (if I had to live in a country for its food, it would be China – there is so much variety, from super spicy Sichuan food to dim sum to seafood!)

Some close seconds were bibimbap (a Korean dish) and Sri Lankan food!

2. What country are you from?

I live (and was born) in the UK, my parents are Chinese (I never know how to answer this question so I just go with this answer).

3. What kind of music do you like?

Most kinds of music! I can usually appreciate any music that someone shows me – I think my classical music upbringing helped with this.

When I’m by myself, I tend to listen to K-pop, classical music, alternative rock, mandopop, pop punk, some indie, EDM, film music, just straight pop… Whatever strikes my fancy really!


4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to be less awkward in most social situations. I become too self-aware and clam up, and can’t seem to think of good questions to ask.

I think that writing my blog really helps me to express myself more fluently, so I’m definitely working on this!

5. Biggest regret in life?

Being a moody and, frankly, quite a hurtful sister to my brother. I wish I could turn back the time and be more patient, and stop expecting him to be just like me.

6. Are you introvert or extrovert?

Introvert, for sure. I like my me-time, but like most people, I also like to be social. The difference is that social time for me is quite draining, so I have to recharge alone.

7. What’s your passion?

This is the problem: I have so many! It’s almost impossible for me to name just one passion.

For now, I’ll say self-improvement is my passion. I always have projects going on, and they all develop my skills, knowledge or social life.

8. Why do you follow my blog?

I enjoy reading your weekly Bruce Lee wisdom!

9. If you were a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) what would you be?

Hmm… I’ve never thought about this one before! I’d probably be oat milk – wholesome, doing my best for the planet, and goes with everything!

10. Do you believe in an afterlife?

Nope. I have no reason to believe in an afterlife – I see no evidence for one, and it seems like one of those things that people made up to make themselves feel better.

The best we can do is make the most of this life!

Having no afterlife is not as bad as it sounds. Try to think back to before you were born. Those millions of millenia passed by in a flash before you were born; eternity will pass by in a flash after you’ve died.

11. Do you believe in Karma?

I don’t believe in Karma, but I believe in statistical karma. If you do something good, you’re likely to feel good and notice all the things that are going right in your day. If you do something bad, you’re likely to feel guilty and look out for things that are going badly, as well as miss opportunities.

I think statistical karma is kind of like a selection bias – if you do good, you’ll be happier, notice more opportunities, and voilà! Karma’s come round and rewarded you.

11 Facts About Me

I think I’m going to run out of facts – I won’t redo the ones I’ve already written in my previous awards!

  1. I’m in third year reading Materials Science at the University of Oxford.
  2. I am all about self-improvement, learning new things and bettering myself. I want to use these ‘growing up years’ to get to a place where I can then use my skills and knowledge to help others!
  3. I am not about spirituality, religion or empty ‘motivational’ quotes. 🔮I don’t mind if other people are into those, I’m just not a big fan of them for myself. Spirituality is one of those things that stains the sustainability and self-improvement spheres and puts people off – you can become better without having to use ‘healing crystals’ or whatever!
  4. The last TV show I watched (and really enjoyed) was The Boys. 🖥It explores a world where superheroes exist and are basically like celebrities, but abuse their superpowers. So interesting, a bit gory (but not superfluously so), but very well-written!
  5. I recently got into K-pop. I’ll write a post about this very soon, and why I like it! Until then, you can check out my new Insta (subtle plug here) where I use vintage clothing to recreate K-pop idols’ outfits!
  1. To balance my love of fashion with my desire to do my bit and save the planet, I’ve really got into thrifting (second-hand shopping). It’s like a treasure hunt – you never know what you’ll find; the gems are unique; and it doesn’t cost the earth (literally and figuratively!)
  2. I have also recently got into personal finance. 💰I came across Mr Money Mustache‘s blog a while ago, and since then, I’ve taken a good hard look at my spending. I’ve also started to get educated on investing – the best strategy, as shown time and time again, is to buy and hold. It’s my favourite strategy really, because you don’t have to do anything!
  3. I am a napper. 🛌Napping for 30 minutes after lunch helps me to get through the afternoon.
  4. When I’m free, I like to play board games with my friends. Everything from Catan to Codenames, Werewolf to Chess.
  5. I’m an early bird. 🐥Even if I go out until 3 am, my body will still wake me up before my alarm at 8 am. It’s both a blessing and a curse…
  6. I love reading books, but I have no time to. I have a long reading list, but I just don’t get round to reading! I already have a lot of studying to do, so sometimes reading on top of that feels like too much for me. Otherwise, I have so many other projects going on that reading feels like a really slow way to learn something, but in actuality it’s a really fast way to absorb quality information.

I Nominate:

My Questions To You

  1. What is your favourite place to be?
  2. Do you consider yourself special? Why/why not?
  3. What does your favourite quotation mean to you?
  4. How has your blog changed since you started?
  5. What would you do if you couldn’t fail or be rejected?
  6. What do you admire about yourself?
  7. Early bird or night owl?
  8. What is one thing you want to master?
  9. Describe the object that is most precious to you.
  10. Do you believe that destiny/fate is pre-determined or that you can change it?
  11. What’s your favourite way to get organised?

Alright, hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Don’t feel like you have to do this tag, I won’t be offended if you don’t want to 🙂


37 thoughts on “Liebster Award 4

  1. Hi Jess! I feel so honoured to be nominated for the Liebster Award! I will surely post my answers soon. Thank you so so much!
    Stay Safe
    -Prutha xoxo

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  2. I can relate so much to the thing that you would change about yourself and I agree that having a blog helps with it! 🙌 Loved learning more about you! Thank you so much for the nomination 😄✨💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi there! Congratulations, and thanks for the nomination! I absolutely adore mangoes too, and I found this really awesome Chinese mango pudding recipe that I’ve always used. Since you like Chinese, this just popped into my mind…
    Hope you like- it’s fairly easy to make should you be disastrous in the kitchen(I am, so I get bugged when people hand me an elaborate recipe…)
    Thanks, and do stay safe in such awfully dangerous times…

    Liked by 1 person

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