Geeky Team Names: Physics

Since I really enjoyed making my list of maths team names, I decided to make this into a mini-series.  They’re great for club names too – let me know which subject you’d like me to do next!

Again, here is a selection of my favourite physics team names – they’re pretty niche puns so you’re normal if you have no idea what they’re referencing 😉

  • Maxwell’s Demons
  • The Illumaniti
  • Newton’s Apples
  • The Quantum-plators
  • Bohring
  • The Absolute Heroes
  • Everything is Relative
  • Arc-tic Monkeys
  • Sherlock Ohms
  • The Atomic Models
  • Vectorious
  • The Hugs Bisons
  • Family Joules
  • HeisenBugs/MendelBug
  • The Unknown Quantities
  • CopperNickers/CopperKnickers
  • Kepler’s Comets
  • Planckton
  • Magne-ticks/Op-ticks
  • Elec-tricks
  • Inverse Furry Transforms

Bonus: a picture that made me laugh


From IGN

Which one was your favourite?  Do you have any jokes to share?  Leave them in a comment below!


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