50 Things that Make Me Happy Tag

While I write up my posts about what life has been like recently for me, I wanted to publish this post that was originally a tag created by Smiling Dreamer – it’s such a cute and affirming idea!

Don’t worry about reading all of them – try some of them yourself, and work through the list to see which ones you like the most!  Here we go:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Stepping into a warm room when it’s freezing outside
  3. Spending time – doing anything – with friends
  4. Going shopping with my mum
  5. Chilling, alone (usually on the internet)
  6. Crunching some crackly leaves
  7. Being recognised for something that I am
  8. Having new experiences
  9. Being productive
  10. Being unproductive
  11. Listening to music
  12. Making music
  13. Making birthday/Christmas cardsbirthday-cards
  14. Shopping for clothes and/or gifts
  15. Planning stuff
  16. Seeing results for something you’ve worked hard on for a long time
  17. The beauty and complexity of existence (ooo, deep)
  18. Free and useful stuff
  19. The brief surprise of silence when it’s pouring with rain and you drive under a bridge
  20. Airports
  21. Having ‘whoa’ moments – whether they’re about maths or life
  22. Teaching and helping others
  23. Learning
  24. Eating good food
  25. Making good food


    Homemade lemon drizzle cake – recipe from BBC Good Food (you can probably get away with putting 25% less sugar!)

  26. Going for a walk
  27. Hearing babies laugh/gurgle
  28. Playing with other people’s pets
  29. Reading good fiction (love a good sci-fi novel or thriller)
  30. Reading interesting and enlightening non-fiction
  31. Writing (hello, blog!)
  32. The success of good people, especially my friends
  33. Travelling
  34. An informative video
  35. A fashion video (my favourite channel is Bestdressed)
  36. A BTS video (honestly so many great ones, they have such chemistry as a group)
  37. An art gallery that has a good aesthetic, really speaks to me or makes me think critically


    Rosihan Dahim’s art really spoke to my aesthetic.  He’s so nice too!

  38. Finding an absolute gem in a charity shop
  39. Grabbing a bargain that is such a steal it should be illegal
  40. Doing a successful overtake without going over the speed limit
  41. Parking perfectly first time (whether that’s parallel parking or bay parking)
  42. That fresh breath after brushing your teeth
  43. That feeling of being a real adult (after doing your own laundry or walking out of a bank)
  44. Figuring something out by yourself
  45. Catching up with an old friend
  46. Closing all your tabs after finishing a project
  47. Being in nature
  48. Rollercoasters
  49. Intellectually stimulating conversation
  50. A bad pun



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