I’m Back?

Long time no see!  Seems like I’m becoming one of those people who says “I’m back!!” then you don’t hear from them again for months.

Hopefully, this time it’ll be different.  No promises though!  (Hence the question mark in the title…)

A lot has changed for me since I last updated you.  I have almost completed 2 years of university, and I have really enjoyed it.  For those of you who have been following for a while, I’m at Oxford University studying Materials Science, and I’ll spill the tea in a future post – but for now, I’ll fill you in on why I stopped, why I’m back, and what the plan will be from here on in.


Why I Stopped

So just over one year ago, I posted about how I had changed since uni.

That didn’t cover the whole picture though – my environment had changed.  I was surrounded by new experiences, new opportunities, new information everywhere.  I was eager to learn in all these different areas of life – from my degree, to hobbies, to living, to future careers – so this blog fell to the wayside.

I also realised that my blog was a substitute for the deep connections that I was craving in my life during IB – I and all of my friends were too buried in work and stressed to truly give each other the attention and love that we needed.

This changed when I came to uni.  I gained some truly amazing friends, and we have the time and the mindset to devote to each other.  We are willing to make sacrifices for each other.  Thus my drive to write in this blog diminished, and the time spent on this blog would reduce the time that I could spend with my friends.

So this blog became dormant.

Why I’m Back

Out of curiosity the other day, I checked my stats for this blog.

I was so surprised to find out that I was getting several THOUSAND visitors a month since September – what??!!

It turns out that my post with a list of geeky mathsy team names had managed to make it to number 3 on Google’s front page for searches of ‘maths team names’ – which I assume occurred sometime in September.

Not only that, but this blog is a reflection of my character.  I can write about whatever I want, express whichever side of my personality I want.  This is something that I would find hard to do in real life, without fear of being boring to the poor listener.


After browsing around my site a little longer, I realised that I missed the self-reflection and self-expression I could do when I wrote here.  I am not very eloquent in real life – I stumble over my words, I miss words out, I mess up my grammar – but when I’m writing, everything comes out the way I want to communicate it.

In other words, I mean what I say, and I say what I mean.

The Plan (for now)

Since I always have a busy schedule, I can’t make any promises as to how many times I’ll post or what I’ll be posting about.

However, I do have a long backlog of posts that are waiting to be published so they will be scheduled for the following few weeks.

I’ll post when I want, about what I want.  Hope that’s ok with you 🙂



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