Club vs Pub (vs Room) Thoughts

Being surrounded by great friends at uni means that I spend more time with them.  Luckily in Oxford, there are plenty of choices of places to go!  Here is a run-down of what happens in my head whenever I have to make a decision about where to head to.



  • Chill atmosphere
  • Mostly close to my room
  • Drinks aren’t too expensive
  • Don’t have to dress up


  • You’re forced to make small talk
  • Depending on where you sit, you often can’t hear the next person talk
  • Tables are usually a bit grim




  • Great for dancing – gets those endorphins going
  • If chosen well, exposes you to great new music
  • Best experienced tipsy
  • Usually a fun atmosphere
  • You don’t have to be talking to experience connection with someone
  • Gives you an excuse to dress up


  • Sweaty
  • Loud
  • Everything’s usually sticky
  • (As girls) we get hit on

Club or Pub?

Generally, if my friends and I are going out, we go ‘out out’ to a club. Getting ready and dancing is more fun, there’s a bonding experience to be had when you’re communicating non-verbally to try and avoid getting hit on by certain guys 😉

But in all seriousness, it hasn’t got to a point where it’s uncomfortable, it just makes for an entertaining story the next day.  I think clubbing is one of the defining features of a British university experience, so it’s well worth a try!

Pubs are great before clubs because the booze is definitely cheaper and it’s nice to talk it out before you dance it out.  I wouldn’t stay in there all night unless there is a lot to talk about!  But then, if there is a lot to talk about, I would rather talk in a dorm room where there is more privacy and less noise.



  • Very chill
  • Comfy
  • Less judgement
  • Better for deeper conversations because it’s quieter and more intimate
  • Don’t have to move very far to get to bed (definitely the lazy option)


  • Always need something to do/talk about else it gets awkward
  • Can only really accommodate so many people (my room is tiny)
  • Might need to clean up afterwards


Where I go with friends depends on our mood and the circumstances – if we have lectures at 9am the next day, we definitely would not go clubbing because the aftermath is not always pretty…

What are your thoughts on going places to spend time with friends?  Do you have a preference?  Where do you usually go?



8 thoughts on “Club vs Pub (vs Room) Thoughts

  1. Personality-wise, I’m very much a “room” person. Pubs are second to that, just because I don’t like spending too much on alcohol (prefer drinking at home before heading out). Have had my fair share of clubbing, although I’d have to be more than tipsy to have fun. Opinions do change when you get older, that’s for sure! As long as you have fun, it’s all that matters!

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  2. Baring in my blog name is literally ‘The Non-Alcoholic Student’ I’m definitely the room, failing that: pub, kind of person! I’m very much of the opinion that you don’t have to go clubbing in order to make friends at uni, though many people disagree with me; it just might take a little more work than expected!

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    • I definitely agree, I find that clubbing is not as social of a place as people assume! I find that I make friends best when we have common interests, rather than if we happen to be in the same place at the same time. Thank you for your comment!

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