A Short Explanation: The Placelessness of Airports

There’s a unique, placeless feeling that you only get at airports.

Once you’ve said your goodbyes at the check-in, you seem to go through a cleansing process. Unload all your heavy baggage, check. Get rid of all water, check. Bag up any cosmetics, check. Remove all metal from the body, check.

Then on the other side of security, you walk through a gateway of shops and into a large waiting area where people mill about, exploring shops whilst waiting for their flights. Here it is international ground. You could be anywhere, from anywhere, going anywhere and it doesn’t matter.

For a short time, borders don’t exist and geopolitics is irrelevant.


If it has all gone to plan, you have the leisure of doing whatever you want – you can read a book, go shopping, play on your phone, have a nap, write, scroll through social media, eat… It’s one of those valuable moments where you can do nothing and feel no guilt.

The stress of organising the holiday has gone, and all that is left is the anticipation of embarking or returning home.

Have you ever felt the placelessness of airports? Do you like being in airports? Where is your favourite place to be? Let me know in the comments!


20 thoughts on “A Short Explanation: The Placelessness of Airports

  1. A few years ago Jess I saw an interesting book on the stands about airports and plutocracy… always looked interesting. Thanks for the reminder. Always great to see your topics

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  2. Airports definitely give me a feeling of being in limbo. I’m usually in between places, with a feeling of anticipation for what’s to come but also a feeling of homesickness. It’s also very interesting to see all of the people there and wonder who they are and where they are going.

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    • Thank you, I completely agree. It’s quite easy to get intimidated by security and lost amongst the crowd but there’s something calming about being anonymous. Thanks for your comment!


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