A Student’s Explanation: How to Identify an IB Student

Continuing from the success of my previous post outlining a recipe for an IB student, I decided to write another satirical piece on the ridiculous amount of work we have to do as an IB student.  Enjoy!


Things to Look Out For

  • Eyes that carry the bags made fashionable by sleep deprivation
  • Terrible posture and stiff necks from hours of hunched backs
  • Ink-stained fingers on sore, aching hands
  • Overflowing bags with notes from 6 full-on subjects

How You Know You’ve Met One at a Party

  • Cravings for coffee: will get aggressive and confused if denied
  • A strong propensity for inebriation, providing a much-needed release
  • Incredible bullshitting skill
  • Will casually know random words from other languages (due to compulsory language-learning)
  • Will get mad if non-IBers complain about work
  • If you haven’t met them.  They’re likely sleeping through homework that is weeks overdue.  They don’t have a life, duh.

Fun References (and some not-so-fun ones)


2 thoughts on “A Student’s Explanation: How to Identify an IB Student

  1. how to find an IB student:
    yell “oh boy i sure have a lot of work to do!”
    the ib student will come rushing, saying “you think you have a lot of work? i have 4 IAs, 4 written tasks, 2 orals, an EE, CAS an—“
    “found them.”

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