My Goals for November

This month has gone so slowly, I can’t believe it’s only November!  Feels like I’ve been in Oxford for ages…  I reckon Oxford does something weird to time, every day feels so long because so much is crammed into it!


Let’s look back at how well I did last month!


Health Goals

Go for a run or the gym 3 times a week

Haven’t done this one at all – but I have been either walking or cycling for at least an hour a day so I think I am fitter if anything!

Continue my meditation every day and increase to 10 mins

Again, haven’t been doing this because I’ve had no time, but I feel like it’s something I need to pick up again.

Eat well

I have been eating well – having at least one cooked and balanced meal a day, with plenty of fruit and vegetables.  I’ve also been snacking on chocolate and biscuits (or both!), which I guess isn’t that healthy.

Uni Goals

Go to every lecture, tutorial and lab ON TIME

I have definitely not missed a single lecture, tutorial or lab and I’ve not been late yet…  Although I have cut it fine several times!

Get stuck into music, chess and some sport(s)

I’ve picked up college girls’ football again, which is really fun, and table tennis and I’ve joined two orchestras (the Oxford Open Orchestra and the Eglesfield Orchestra in college) and I’m really enjoying it!

I’m also volunteering for some shadowing days with Target Schools, allowing disadvantaged kids to see what a day in the life of an Oxford student is like, which is such a great opportunity 🙂

Don’t fall behind

Definitely easier said than done – there are so many things that could fall behind, for example, your health, your schoolwork, your laundry, your emails and organisation, your social life…  So many things to worry about!

I think I’ve got a good grasp on most of it, although I’m only halfway through so hopefully I’ve not spoken too early…

Relationship Goals (no, not #RelationshipGoals)

Not judge people

Definitely done this – being open to meeting new people and not judging them has really helped me to make new friends and be comfortable around people I’ve not met before.

Find people I’m comfortable around

I have found two other people I’m super comfortable around and expanded my college friendship group to people I’m happy talking to as well as my fellow materials scientists at Queen’s.  It’s nice to have such a wide support network again, but it did take me a while to build up.  Stick with it!

Meet up with old friends

I’ve met up with all my old school friends who came to Oxford by inviting them around to have dinner in college with me, and I’ve gone round to their colleges to have dinner too.  We also took a group photo at Matriculation with our gowns on.  I’m glad I haven’t lost touch with my school friends!



Personal Goals (Changed from Health Goals)

I decided to change this section to Personal Goals because I feel that it’s more relevant to me now, especially as I have to manage my own life now!

  • Allow more time for things and be prompt (because they inevitably overrun)
  • Find my mission – probably something that will take me a few months…
  • Go to bed earlier!

Uni Goals

  • Keep on top of my emails, organisation and events
  • Get to grips with the difficult concepts
  • Improve my foot coordination for football

Relationship Goals (no, not #RelationshipGoals)

  • Be more forgiving and generous to people
  • Be patient with family
  • Become more self-confident without taking myself too seriously (because your relationship with yourself is important too!)

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