A Letter To Students In Schools

A striking letter about the paradox of school. Well worth a read.


Dear Fighters of a Better Tomorrow:

You are not alone, there is always us. Although it was your mom that forced you to attend school whether you liked it or not, you could be doing homeschooling, you could have been better off studying at home alone. But, since it is done, you are in school. Then, make the best out of it, every single second.

Make memories with friends, make friends with memories; have a crush on someone, have a someone crush on you; be a teacher’s student, be a teacher’s teacher, be a student’s student, be a student’s teacher, be a learner; be a participant of an activity, make an activity your participant; do not break the school rules, let the school rules break your misdemeanor; do things that you would regret, and do not regret on things that have not been done; study smart, never study hard.


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