Top 20 (Sustainable and Affordable) Gifts

I can feel the jingle of Christmas in the air…

This is the first time that I’ve done anything like this, and I would like to thank UncommonGoods for allowing me to make this happen and for giving me the inspiration to write this post!

I find it hard to find decently priced gifts that I can trust to be ethical and sustainable. Unlike many other gift sites, UncommonGoods emphasises sustainability and positive ethical impact.  They provide a socially responsible and environment-conscious marketplace for designers and artists.  Although they are based in Brooklyn, New York, they also ship internationally.

They sell handmade, organic and recycled products, never featuring anything containing leather, feathers or fur.  This love towards people and animals alike has led to a fantastic selection of gift ideas.

Let’s spread the love this Christmas to our loved ones and the world!


Sponsored by UncommonGoods

20 Affordable Gifts that Caught My Eye

I’m going to list my favourite gifts for under £15 (under $20), which is totally affordable for students like me!


An Owl Mug is bound to make you look wiser.

The colour options are just so cute!  These would go great with the Kenyan tea or the Novel Teas below.  £13.76


A letter-inspired time capsule that lets you postmark your memories.

For those lovely, introspective, thoughtful people who need some time for themselves.  I think this is a really cute idea.  £11.43

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 21.02.31

This overnight foot care kit is perfect for massaging and leaving on during the night.

They’ll need some foot care after a hard night of partying 😉  £13.76


This Awkward Moment at Work is ideal for those people who always get themselves into sticky situations…

What’s Christmas without a card game?  £14.52


This Math Mug is sure to give your brew an exponential boost!

For the geek in your group.  £12.19

You can never have too many pencils.  Especially inspirational ones.  Or ones about food.  £9.17


Grow your own salsa!

Add a little green (or red) to your bedroom 😉  £9.17


Bring the spa home with this hot springs skin therapy bath soak.

Indulge that lucky person with these bath salts.  £11.47


This aluminium decision paperweight is sure to take the weight of decisions off your shoulders.

For the indecisive person in your life.  That’s probably you…  £13.76


This flavour infuser water bottle is sure to add some freshness to that special person’s day.

For water with a bit more flavour.  £11.47


This smoke detector deactivation towel provides instructions on how to keep a cool head when dinner prep gets a bit heated.

For those who always burn their cooking.  £11.47

The United States Only

These products don’t ship outside of the US.  Sorry to the rest of the world – take this list as inspiration!


These Novel Teas are perfect for the literary genius.

There’s nothing that makes you feel smarter than sitting down to work with a clever cuppa.  £9.56


This dog egg mould is sure to start your day sunny side up.

Continuing the breakfast theme, this will give you a playful morning!  £7.64


Have a friend who’s a bike fan?  They’ll become a fan of you if you get them this bike repair kit…

Definitely one to get for any bike user.  £13.38


This set of Dessert and Baking Salts are ideal for dessert-ists (like me).

Add a sprinkle of sweetness to the lucky person’s day 💫  £14.52


This city map glass will etch you on their heart 😉

Raise a toast to your town!  £10.70


For the coffee person…  All day, every day.

I’m not a coffee fan but this looks tasty (and useful to any students about to pull an all-nighter!)  £9.13


This selection of Kenyan tea comes with a traditional wooden spoon.

In my opinion, tea should be a basic human (student) right.  Grown ethically and sustainably without pesticides, the loose leaf chai features cloves, fennel, cinnamon, and rose petals, and the peppermint carries notes of lemongrass to form a sweet blend that can be re-steeped several times for lasting flavour.  £9.17

To Your Partner


Stuck for romantic things to do?  This date night bucket list will keep you and your partner(s) on your toes!

I’ll just be over here, ticking off the bucket list by myself…  £13.76 ($18)


This What I Love About You By Me book is such an adorable way of showing someone that you care about them.  Variations exist (e.g. What I Love About Dad etc.)

The sentences that you fill in are sure to bring a smile to your SO’s face 🙂  £7.64 ($10)

Check out more gift ideas for him and these gift ideas for her.

And those are my top 20 sustainable gifts for under £15…  If you’re looking for more cute/awesome gifts (like a sweater mug hugger, a beer opening glass, a doughnut warming mug or other problem-solving designs) head over to UncommonGoods for more gift ideas!

Which gift was your favourite?  Do you like these inspiration-style posts?  Do you mind if I do a few paid ones here and there (I am a poor uni student, remember…)?  Let me know!


15 thoughts on “Top 20 (Sustainable and Affordable) Gifts

  1. Great ideas. As someone who avoid this day like the plague I like to give out gift cards or money. Christmas actually makes me sad each year as I am always unlucky to see that many close friends/family members are always out for gifts only.

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