A Letter to the Younger Doni

Doni, you were seventeen years old when you moved states and had to start everything over again. Moving states meant a new home and a new high school. You could obviously see the difference between the previous state to the state you newly moved to. The environment was different, from quiet to loud, to less populated to populated. The people were different, the diversity of nationalities was different. But later, you got used to it.

Your present self regrets the mistakes you did in the first year at your new high school but whatever, everyone makes mistakes. Guess you learnt something to avoid next time! So, what mistakes did you commit? These were more ‘social related’ mistakes if you get what I mean. I’ll identify a couple, shall I? Please do not repeat them in university (hopefully)!

Leaving without a ‘proper bye’


Okay I get it. The first group of friends you hung out with in your new high school were dodgy. You were scared if they would pressure you to do something rebellious but come on, how you handled the situation wasn’t the best. Instead of just deserting them and jumping to another group, you could’ve said ‘bye’? In their shoes, it would come across as ‘rude’. I doubt your intention was to be a ‘jerk’ but you need to take decisions more carefully. I personally think you should’ve waited a bit more and see what kind of people they were really like. A few days isn’t a good indicator of their real personality. There was one girl who was committed to studies, she could’ve been your friend who seemed less dodgy? Wait and see and if something goes wrong, take action!

Being impatient


There was a group of girls who you hung out with and they end up excluding you and treating you poorly. What they did to you was wrong but like I said previously, wait. Yes, they may be not awesome now, but now that I am reflecting on my experience, I think there was a lack of communication between you and them which caused perhaps misunderstandings and conflict. They may be ‘bad natured’ but I think if you talked to them more, things would’ve changed for the better. Be more patient next time, don’t expect friendships to be nice flowing at once, it takes time. An enemy can turn into your best friend, only under the right conditions. You create the conditions.

Saying more than required/necessary


Oh my gosh. Yes! You still possess the same habit, hopefully less by now! Okay. Let me get it straight – if someone asks you something, say what is necessary, you don’t need to be detailed unless it is necessary. There is no obligation to say ‘extra information’, especially when they don’t even ask for it. Say what is necessary, avoid waffling. For example, you shouldn’t say “I hope you like it. It was very hard for me to find it”. You don’t need to tell the second sentence, not necessary. It makes you look ‘not awesome’. Not sure if that was a good example but hopefully you get the gist of it.

Not trying things out


How can you see a result of something without trying? You need to do something to see the result. Don’t assume that there won’t be a result, chances are you are wrong. Try without turning back. All those successful people out there, they maintained their effort – so should you! Try new things out, despite the failures you may come across. Two things can happen: success and failure. Both are present in our lives but if we keep trying, success will be more present in our lives. However, when you hit the end of year 10, you tried! Good on you! You applied for leadership positions, got involved in the school, made more friends! See, see? There are instant results of ‘trying things’ out!

Choosing INTERNET over studies


Being on the INTERNET is fine but it is not fine if it takes over your life! I understand social media is a fun ‘place to be’ but you got to maintain that and your studies else, you’ll have social media and no education. Balance both and you’ll win, both social media and a decent education to get you a good job! Identify and understand your priorities. You need to think about this clearly. Don’t make this a habit.

You reached the end! Are you glad? 

Doni, please promise me: you avoid these mistakes at university? Thanks, I would appreciate that! To fellow readers: I hope you found this post useful (somehow!) Thank you so much Jess for collaborating with me! This post is no way near as awesome as yours! Thank you for being an understanding friend, you rock!




5 thoughts on “A Letter to the Younger Doni

    • Thank you crystalandcurls! LOL hahahah 😛 This letter doesn’t really fully reflect my words, got to filter them out 😛 hehe


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    Hey everyone! 🙂
    I did a collaboration with @daringtojess a few days ago and this is the post I wrote on Jess’ blog which is in the form of a ‘letter to myself’ addressing social related mistakes I did in high school! Hope you found it useful 😛 Also don’t forget to check out Jess’ post which is in my blog!


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