My Goals for October

My my it’s already been a month since I wrote my September Goals?!  Let’s see how I did last month 🙂


Health Goals

Go for a run every day

I did go for a run most days – like 5 out of 7 days – but sometimes it rained so I did a circuit (squat-kicks, push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and side-squats) at home instead.  I did start slipping towards the end of the month as I had loads to do but really, I have no excuse…

I’m not going to beat myself up though, I think I could’ve done better but it’s no sweat 🙂


Do at least 5 mins’ meditation every day

This one I had no excuse to not do.  I actually managed 5 mins of meditation 6 out of 7 days, gradually increasing the timer so I’m on 8 minutes 10 seconds now.  I think I’m starting to feel calmer, more patient and I feel more in control.  Let’s see if that continues on into uni…

Stay at my weight

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been a little less active and eating more of my mum’s amazing home-cooked food (can you blame me?  I’m going to uni so better make the most of it 😉 ) so I’ve gained a little bit but I’m still happy with the way I look.  My clothes still fit haha!

Uni Goals: Get Prepped for uni

Well considering that today is my first day at Oxford (EEEEEEEEEEK) I can definitely tick off all of them!

Relationship Goals (no, not #RelationshipGoals)

Spend more time with my friends from my old school

A large group of us organised an afternoon/evening together where we went to Jazz on the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells, followed by a trip to Spoons’ to load up on alcohol and then a night out at Moo Moo’s!

The jazz was super cool and there was such a chill vibe, there were loads of people there dining outside or milling around with drinks in hand.


From The Pantiles website

The actual jazz was pretty decent too, but I don’t think they did much to hype up the audience!  There was this one point where the singer tried to get the audience to sing along but nobody did…  We were singing too but too far away for the mic to pick us up!

Spoons’ was great and relatively cheap – we bumped into a lot of people who went to our old school and it was nice to catch up with them.  I only got a San Miguel (£3.40 or something) so I was still very clear-headed but a lot less awkward!

Then we headed to Moo Moo’s, and the bouncer/bag checker went through my bag (which had my pyjamas in because I was staying overnight at a friends’ – awkward) and went straight to the top floor once we got in where they played recent and decent music.  However, one of our friends was really drunk and at about 1 am, we lost him!

After frantically trying to find him, we found that he somehow got out of the club and wasn’t allowed back in because he was too drunk.  So my friend (who I was staying over with) and I ordered a taxi whilst he was having a nice conversation with the street pastors, and we took him back home.

The taxi driver was fantastic, he was funny and kept the drunk friend talking so that he wouldn’t throw up – turns out the street pastors volunteer to stay up at night to help anyone who is too drunk to be let back into the club.  They hand out lollipops; give out flip flops to people whose feet might hurt (from heels probably); provide a blanket if people are really cold.

There should be more people who do street pastor work!

Work on my relationship with my mum, my brother and my dad

Thanks to my newfound patience, I’ve definitely improved my relationship with my mum and brother.  I’ve gone to see dad and his wife more now, so we’re definitely closer for it.  I’m glad that even though my parents split up, my support network is still as strong as ever 🙂

Be less awkward around people I don’t really know

Well, I suppose today is the day that I find out – first day at uni!  We’re all in the same boat, really, so I think I’m just going to have to pluck up my courage and try to get out and speak to people.

Ola really gave me some confidence by writing about her experience as a first year in her post here!

October Goals


Health Goals

  • Go for a run or the gym 3 times a week
  • Continue my meditation every day and increase to 10 mins
  • Eat well – I’m in catered halls and the food apparently is alright!

Uni Goals

  • Go to every lecture, tutorial and lab ON TIME
  • Get stuck into music, chess and some sport(s)
  • Don’t fall behind

Relationship Goals (no, not #RelationshipGoals)

  • Not judge people – I do this a lot and it’s not useful when you’re meeting new people because I find that my first reactions are not always right!
  • Find people I’m comfortable around
  • Meet up with old friends

Let’s see how it goes!

What are your goals for October?  Let me know!


26 thoughts on “My Goals for October

    • Thank you, I am indeed starting and thank you for the tip 🙂 you’re very welcome, I enjoyed your post! I have dropped my meditation a bit because I have just been so busy recently, I’ll try to make it a habit after Freshers’ Week is over!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I absolutely adore your goal posts – so inspiring! I started meditating regularly last year and I can honestly say it changed my life. Even when life gets super busy, I recommend always making some time to meditate 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I’m glad you think so! I think meditation is a great thing to keep up, but it’s just so difficult to justify doing nothing when you have 100 things on your to-do list haha, I’ll definitely take your advice and schedule time to meditate 🙂


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