Livestream: Jess Becomes a Beauty Vlogger for a Day

Hi everyone!

Since makeup is really not my thing, I’ve never actually owned any beauty products except mascara.


But since I’m going off to uni, I figured what the hell, I’m gonna need some makeup at least for all the fancy dress so I went and signed up to TopCashBack with a referral link from my mum (my referral link is if you guys want to sign up!  Gives me £7.50 per friend I link up, and it’s free to join.)

There was a free £15 to spend at Superdrug deal so I went all-out…  Sadly this promotion has ended but there are loads other cashback options when you do sign up!

Anyway, my Superdrug haul (worth £17.12) arrived today (yesterday?) so I’m super excited to share this with you tomorrow (today?)… LIVE!

(Sorry it’s 12 o’clock at night and I’m tired)


I don’t usually do this sort of self-promotion at all, but since I’m not expecting a lot of people to be watching, any support will be much appreciated 🙂

I’m going to be livestreaming the unboxing on my channel over here at Jess Wen at 10:00 GMT tomorrow morning (sorry that’s like 2am in LA and 5am in New York… But you beloved Americans can watch it later as if it was live ❤ – it’ll be 2pm in New Delhi and about 5pm in Malaysia so all of you lovelies to the East of London can watch)

Since this time is the only time I’m free tomorrow (and I can’t wait to open it) I know I won’t be getting the most traffic on YouTube due to the incredibly large American focus but I don’t really mind, it’s mostly as a record of my reactions for myself.  You guys are very welcome to watch!

Looking forward to seeing you in 10 hours, when I pretend to be a beauty vlogger 😀

EDIT: Here is my livestream…  Enjoy!


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