Geeky Team Names: Maths

The best thing about maths competitions (other than the puzzles aha) are the team names…  Since you’ve got to be a certain type of person to do these puzzles for fun, we share a very similar sense of humour, which comprises of geeky jokes and PUNS! 😎

Although this year has been super hectic, one of the things that I refused to give up was team maths competitions.  Clearly, you can’t get much nerdier than me…

The competitions my team entered include:

We actually did pretty well in these, and even won some (money!) prizes!  So if you need an incentive (other than the fun problems) to enter, there you go 😛

Here is a selection of the best team names.  Don’t worry if you don’t understand some of them, it means you’re normal 😉

  • Cryptopedia (one of my team’s names, so of course it’s first: my other team name was Oligarchs, which isn’t very punny so doesn’t feature here)
  • CosYNot
  • Drink and Derive
  • Kiss My Axis
  • A Fraction Ahead
  • The Turing Point
  • i Get Real
  • Squadrilateral/Squadratics
  • Oh My Cosh
  • Squircles
  • Root to Success
  • Integreat
  • Pi Me To The Moon
  • Irrational Logic
  • Pi Are Squared
  • Deadly Sines
  • Free Mathsketeers
  • Read the Sines
  • Mathletes
  • Mathmagicians
  • Chinese Postmen
  • PiOneers
  • Oopsilon
  • Divide and Conquer

Hope you enjoyed some of these, it was so much fun ‘researching’ these!

What am I doing with my life 😂let me know which one was your favourite so I know I’m not just wasting my life!

Some recent additions:

  • Pi-rates
  • Lnatics
  • Infinity War(riors)
  • X-ecutors
  • Pi Hard
  • The Tri-Hards

14 thoughts on “Geeky Team Names: Maths

  1. Pretty cool. I was a jock and also a good student. Within myself I found this kind of thing very entertaining. In fact the greatest stand-up comedy ever I have never shared with anybody 😅 I really don’t want to. Maybe in a few years I will sell a bit more of the B grade material.

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  2. Hilarious names, and the references were so funny😂. Who knows, they may come in handy at some point? Since I’m a trigonometry geek, I think the “Deadly Sines” and the “Read the Sines” ones are hilarious. “Irrational logic” and “Pi me to the moon” ones are my personal favourites. What are yours?

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