On Killing a Fly

A crystal wing

Flutters for its shattered partner,

Six legs limping across a perfect surface; from above,

A pitying eye

Looks down, wondering how to ease the struggle –

Lays a soft tissue on the injured:

A blinding flash of pain – and then


Hope you guys enjoyed that! Β This is only my 3rd piece of poetry on here (you can find my haiku attempt here and another abstract piece here) so tell me what you think, I do want to improve πŸ™‚

Btw thank you guys for all the nominations for awards, I really appreciate them and I’m sorry they’re still not out yet, I’ve been so busy! Β I’ll get round to them, I promise.

Until then!


36 thoughts on “On Killing a Fly

      • Hope all ok over there. Pouring rain here this morning. Should be a good few days for the Bard and I. We saw a great tribute band on Saturday night. Great fun.

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  1. A beautiful, meaningful poem, expressing a real talent, a deep sensibility and a special kind of wisdom. It touched my heart…It’s wonderful to discover your blog,thank you for this opportunity! And thank you for following mine, I’m honored!

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