20 Ways To Treat Yourself For Free

Recently I’ve been getting a little stressed about exams (they start tomorrow!  Eeeek…) so I decided to make a list of the things that make me happy, and it’s helped me get through a lot of my revision.


We are so rushed nowadays that we barely have time for ourselves.  If you have a couple of spare minutes, try giving some love back to yourself!

I published this earlier last month but I wasn’t completely happy with it…  Here it is again but in a better state!

    1. Brew a nice hot cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee.
    2. Go for a walk outside.  Take in that fresh air!
    3. Doodle.  Doesn’t matter what.
    4. Colour in your doodle.  No need for expensive colouring books! If you’d rather just colour, you can find some free colouring printables here.
    5. Take a long bath.  Light some candles and add salts or bath bombs or whatever else you have!
    6. Pick some wild flowers to take home.
    7. Dance like crazy to your favourite music!  This releases those feel-good hormones, endorphins.
    8. Sleep early.  Feels totally unproductive, but you’ll thank me in the morning!
    9. Snuggle up with friends for a movie marathon.
    10. Cook or bake a nice meal for yourself or your household.
    11. Call or visit your loved ones to catch up.  Do it.
    12. Curl up in your favourite spot and read a book.
    13. Enjoy the sunrise/sunset.  Don’t get out your phone or camera. Just watch and wonder.
    14. On the other hand, grab your phone and take some pictures.  Doesn’t matter what – flowers, buildings, clouds – whatever you want to appreciate.img_20160727_182555
    15. Plan a surprise for someone you love.
    16. Watch a good comedy or your favourite guilty pleasure film.
    17. Volunteer.  You help yourself by helping others.
    18. Organise your clutter and donate some old clothes.  It’ll feel good when it’s done, promise!
    19. Go freebie-hunting.  Free museums, free art galleries, free birthday treats… there are loads of free opportunities out there!
    20. Write out your thoughts, hopes, fears, anxieties.  Try out the School of Life’s Philosophical Meditation technique (it only takes about 20 minutes)

Hope some of these can make your day better!  Go on, you deserve it 😉

Which ones do you like to do?  Have you tried any of these?  Do you have any free ways to treat yourself to add?  Let me know in the comments!

Inspired by A Girl, Obsessed and Dorkface


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