How To Learn Faster

With exams coming up, I came across this video about the Feynman Technique that helps you learn and revise stuff more effectively.  Essentially, you should use simple terms to explain the idea, as if to a new student.

There are several techniques involved:

Explain the Idea

Explain the idea as if you’re explaining it to someone who doesn’t understand it at all.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it very well – write down the bits you do get; use a textbook, your notes, a friend or a teacher to fill in the gaps.

Then explain the bits you didn’t get. I find it’s best to explain how you should approach these ideas too, perhaps using an analogy.

Simple language and short sentences work well to explain the concept.

Accumulate Ideas

This is also an opportunity to tie in other concepts you’ve done, which could help your understanding.

When Can You Use It?

This technique is super useful for loads of situations:

  • Learning a new idea – walk through this technique after reading through your notes/after classes etc. This helps pinpoint which concepts are more difficult to grasp, so you can create better analogies etc.
  • Revision – again, this technique helps you understand where your knowledge is shakier, especially if you don’t look at your notes.

Go use this technique now: take out a blank sheet of paper, pick a topic and start explaining!

You can write a blog post using this technique, I’d be interested to see what you come up with 🙂 my favourites might even get posted on this blog next week! Just link to this post and I’ll have a look at them.


31 thoughts on “How To Learn Faster

    • Thank you Mia, that means honestly so much to me! I hope it does come in handy aha xx your blog has seriously become my ‘favourite new lifestyle blog’, there’s so much inspo whenever I read it ❤


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