Exams, exams, exams

And so it begins.

Today, I have my first mock exams.  They’re not the real thing, but they’re supposed to give us an idea of how the real exams work/kick us into revise mode.

It’s also about this sort of time that people start complaining about exams.

Some Real Talk

Sure, exams are stressful and scary, and it’s all fine and dandy for teachers to tell us ‘don’t get too stressed’, ‘exams aren’t the end of the world’, ‘use this opportunity to show off what you know’ etc.

These exams are what 15+ years of education have finally built up to. These exams, as my dad won’t stop telling me, are the most important exams I’ve ever done so far.  Heck, these exams will basically decide my future!  And people who tell you ‘you are not your grades’ are benignly misguided.

Your grades decide whether you get into your top choice university/college/job.  Since society places more value on some jobs/universities/colleges than others, ergo your grades decide your worth. Q.E.D.

If this scares the **** out of you, good.  Exams are important, and there’s no point in moaning.  Get revising.


8 thoughts on “Exams, exams, exams

    • Yeah I thought I might change up my format to see what effect it would create 😉 haha I don’t think I’m scared enough though, as you say they’re only mocks so I sort of want them to scare me into working!


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