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If you guys haven’t heard of Habitica before, I suggest you check it out or read my previous blog post about my productivity resources here. This is not a sponsored post; I genuinely think Habitica is a great programme and I would love to share it with you!

Habitica is a habit-building online resource, where you become a questing hero/heroine and complete tasks to receive rewards. It’s super geeky, but I love it!

For me, my brain’s reward system is usually a cause of procrastination but Habitica has turned it into motivation and boosted my capabilities! This post is in response to Habitica’s New Year’s Resolutions Challenge.

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To see my many New Years Resolutions, check out my 5-Day Goal Detox Challenge. My 5 main goals are:

  1. Understand finance stuff
  2. Achieve my predicted grades
  3. Perform piano in a concert
  4. Be a good friend and family member
  5. Get fit

So how will Habitica help me achieve these goals?

Using Habitica

I’ve used Habitica to dump all the stuff that I need to do.


How Does It Work?

For things that I will do repeatedly but irregularly, I put in the ‘Habits’ section – for example, researching which banks have the best interest rate, what perks they offer with their accounts, how to use bank cards and statements, etc. This comes under my ‘Get finance-savvy’ habit.

I put the tasks that I do every day or every few days in the ‘Dailies’ section; for example, practising. If you don’t check them off, you lose health!

For one-off tasks, the ‘To-Dos’ is the place for them; for example, learning my piano piece, or submitting coursework.

When you tick off your tasks, you get XP, gold and if you’re lucky, some random drops. Random drops include eggs, hatching potions and food to feed your hatched pets. If you feed your pets enough, they’ll turn into steeds and you can ride into battle like a boss 😉 It’s super simple to use!

The last column is where my rewards come in. By doing tasks, I gain gold that I can use to buy myself a reward – usually a session of Pokémon Go or shopping.

I am also addicted to clicking the ‘Enchanted Armoire’ reward – it drops some random pieces of clothing or weapons, or food (for your pets) or XP.

How Will I Achieve My New Year’s Resolutions Using Habitica?

1. Understand finance stuff


  • Get finance-savvy – for when I do some research on banks, offers, rewards, student finance etc.


  • Make an appointment with the bank to open an account
  • Update the PIN to my bank card.

2. Achieve my predicted grades


  • Wise up/waste time – if I do extra studying or revision, I click the ‘+’ sign; if I procrastinate or waste my time, I’m honest with myself and click the ‘-‘ sign and lose health.


  • Homework – pretty self-explanatory. If I don’t have any (lol, as if) I will do revision to check it off.
  • Pack – I will pack my bags the night before as Anna from My Little Corner suggested. Habitica has a great function where you can add checklists to your tasks!


  • Coursework deadlines – once submitted, I check it off! You can change the level of importance of the task.
  • Organic chemistry flashcards – I need a reminder to make revision notes. Still haven’t got round to them!
  • Write up lecture notes – the notes I make during the lectures are so messy, I have trouble reading them. Rewriting them helps me to revise as well.

3. Perform piano in a concert


  • Practice – just to make sure I actually do it!


  • Learn The Call – the piece I’m playing in our Leaver’s Concert at the end of the year (*sob*)

4. Be a good friend and family member


  • Hug someone – I’ve never been the touchy-feely sort of person, but I feel like hugging is an essential skill (yes, it’s an art!). My personal space bubble is very sensitive, and this is something I’m working on.
  • Help out – this is to make sure I actually help my mum with stuff around the house.
  • Messenger birds – basically checking my emails, messages etc. to make sure I keep in contact with friends and stay on top of my inbox.

5. Get fit


  • Do 5 more exercises – they can be any exercises; for example, push-ups, sit-ups, squats…


  • Morning ass-kicking – in the holidays, this involves a 20-minute run. During term-time, I settle for 20 push-ups, 30 sit-ups and 40 squats. If you’d like me to do a post on my fitness routine, tell me in the comments below!

So there you have it! Hope this has inspired you to get going with your New Year’s Resolutions; if not, what are you waiting for? Check out my course on how to achieve your goals!

If this isn’t for you, check out my other productivity resources.

If you need some inspo, look out for another guest post coming up on Monday about awesome PowerPoint design 😉

Do you think Habitica will help you? Let me know how your New Year’s Resolutions are holding up in the comments below!


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