SolCalendar: My Favourite Calendar App

Merry Christmas everybody! As it’s the festive season, I’m sure some of you have been feeling very stressed from all of the organisation you’ve had to do. This is when productivity becomes super important so that you get your work done in the most efficient way.

I have long been a fan of Google Calendar, but I got tired of using loads of different productivity resources to track what I have been doing.

I started to look for a calendar app that integrates two different functions: a calendar and a to-do list.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 13.59.09

When I used Google Calendar

I made a list of my criteria on Trello:

  1. Calendar view
  2. Agenda view/weekly view
  3. Homescreen widget
  4. Simple to use (I’m not a techno-whiz!)
  5. Cloud-based (so I don’t lose everything if my phone dies) but accessible without internet (data is limited)
  6. To do list I can tick off
  7. Categorisable either with colours or with tags
  8. Repeatable daily/weekly/monthly/yearly events/tasks
  9. Free! (I’m stingy)

SolCalendar matched all of my criteria (and more – it even has stickers!) and has now replaced Google Calendar and become my favourite calendar to use.

It’s basically Google Calendar on steroids.

There are some things I wish it could do, though:

  • Shareable events and tasks
  • Have a computer-based version
  • Tasks sync with Google Calendar (maybe as an event?)
  • Not have to double-tap the back button to exit
  • Have more than one overall goal for the month
  • Just make notes
  • Sort in priority order
  • Being able to search by date/time/name/type

Apart from these possible improvements, it’s definitely living up to my demands!

Is there a calendar or other productivity hack you like to use? Let me know in the comments!


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