12 Annoying Things You Deal With If You’re A December Baby

Seeing as my birthday’s coming up this month, I always get the “it must be so annoying having a December birthday!” So true. You’re always overshadowed by another December baby.


1. Joint presents

Everyone else gets 2 presents. I mean, come on. And there’s absolutely no excuse to give a rubbish joint present.

2. Waiting a whole year to receive presents again

If you live in the Western world, there are no other present-worthy occasions until December rolls around again (unless you’re one of those people who celebrate half-birthdays… I mean, who does that?) I was an honourary November baby this year, so avoided that problem!

3. People are asking you what presents you want for Christmas AND your birthday

The stress!

4. You have an abundance of hand warmers, gloves, hats, scarves, scented candles etc.

Because winter stuff seems to be the only decent gift that shops are selling right now.

5. Even if you get 2 presents, the birthday one is probably wrapped in Christmas paper

Although I have often done that to other people (oops) whose birthdays aren’t even remotely near Christmas… Saving the planet?

6. Part of your birthday is devoted to buying Christmas presents for other people

And then they complain that they’re broke so they can’t get you much. Thanks.

7. People and shops are far more excited about Christmas than your birthday

But this happens every year so we’re just apathetic towards our birthdays now.

8. It’s the school holidays so nobody pays you any attention

And we get none of that sweet classroom cake.

9. It’s impossible to find a weekend for a party because everyone is always away

Organising parties so that people can attend is a nightmare. Another reason for my becoming an honourary November baby this year!

10. Everything’s booked out for some corporate do

And if you do land a table at a restaurant, the wait staff are either highly unenthusiastic or overly festive.

11. If it snows and you live in the UK like me, everything grinds to a halt so people can’t get to the place anyway

Of course, I had to get a complaint about the weather in here somewhere. I’m British.

12. There’s a higher chance that you were a mistake

There’s a strong chance you were a Valentine’s day baby. Think about it… 40 weeks before December right? It’s not something we really want to know or think about, but you could have been an accident 😉

Nothing against baby Jesus, but it would be nice if people actually stopped to celebrate our birthdays too!

Do you have a December birthday? What are your pet peeves? And a tip for everyone who doesn’t have a December birthday – now you appreciate the pains that we go through 😉 Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


7 thoughts on “12 Annoying Things You Deal With If You’re A December Baby

  1. December babies have it tough – although August babies have it worse!! I’m an august baby and I’m in the six week holidays so everyone is always on their summer holidays throughout the whole six weeks, and knowing British weather it’s usually too cold to do anything summery. You’re not in school so you don’t get any presents from people at school unless they’re party invitees, and you are always the youngest in your school year which means things like cinema trips ETC are a pain. Not fair!!

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  2. Our oldest daughter was born on December 23rd and we went home from the hospital on Christmas day. The very cute part was that they brought her to me on Christmas morning bundled in a stocking. All your points are spot on! Now that she is older, I really try to make her day special. And I never wrap in Christmas paper, or decorate in a Christmas theme. Now that she has three children of her own, she has forgiven me for some of those faux pas when she was small and the oldest of five children! 😉 Back in those days, I was having difficulty just getting through a day with all five healthy and safe! And no, who DOES celebrate 6-month birthdays?

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    • Haha aww that is so adorable! Yes you are right to not wrap in Christmas paper, I’m glad she has forgiven you now that she understands parenthood 😉 haha I certainly don’t but some friends celebrate 6-month birthdays!

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