A Rubbish Prediction: US Election Day

Made by an unqualified, uninformed, totally biased person. Since tomorrow is election day, I thought I might make a prediction just like the one I made after Brexit. Enjoy!

Trump is so good at terrifying the citizens of the USA that he will be elected president.

He’ll be happy for a week, but then he’ll realise that he has no clue how to run a country effectively once some of his plans fall through (*cough* great wall of Mexico *cough*).

He will blame his incompetence on his least favourite, most irksome members of the Federal Government.

He will break all of his promises.

He will lie. A lot.

He will lose his temper. A lot.

Now, however, he’s got more than his twitter feed to take it out on.

He will, as he so eloquently says, “bomb the shit out of them.” And he actually will.

Other countries will bomb the shit out of America.

America will fall.

The world will fall.

Future intelligent aliens who come to Earth in 2500 will find a smouldering, radioactive waste and feel pity for a species that only lasted about 200,000 years.

What do you think will happen after the run for president? I welcome any comments from those of you who live in the US as well as those who don’t! Please keep the comments civil, I know that politics can be very divisive. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “A Rubbish Prediction: US Election Day

  1. Don’t worry, we live in England and therfore we might get to live a couple of hours longer when the nukes start flying over our heads hurrayyyyy. Nice short read, as eloquent as ever Jess 🙂

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  2. Hahaha! I really enjoyed reading your predictions. I think you are on to something. I guess we will all be finding out in the near future. Ahhh. That’s a slightly scary thought! Ready or not here comes!!!

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