School in a Minimalistic Style

Smooth piano keys. Dappled sunlight through cool glass. I play.

Sweet dissonance.

Bell rings, door shuts. Quiet room.

Outside, scurrying. Timetable out. Physics: ground floor, third on the right. Timetable in.

Bang on time.

Watching. Noting. Questioning. Questioned.


Bell rings, harsh dissonance. Flood out. Next.


Breaktime. Bag off. Dining hall. Hot chocolate. Halfway through laughing; bell rings. Panic – English? Mug away – pick up bag – catch up with others – into lesson –

Lunchtime. Bag off. Dining hall. Long queue.

Warm food. Warm laughs. Warm stomach.

Choir. Sight-sing. Just eaten: can’t project.

Outside, fresh air. Scan for bag. Oh yeah: it’s where I left it.

Last lesson, maths. Read, reread. Questions. Solutions.


Brain hurts…

Bell rings. Home-time buzz, not for me.

More choir. Favourite. Off by heart.

Sweet dissonance.

A typical day for me at school, and I thought it would be interesting to strip it down to the bare essentials. What did you think of the style? Was it too abstract? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “School in a Minimalistic Style

  1. I liked the abstractness of the way you expressed the day. It seems very scheduled, and the choppiness made it have a sense of how its just one thing after another, kind of automated. Yet with the fact that it’s into your daily life it added some human intimacy between you the writer and your audience. That I believe was greatly done by breaking the times of class with the examples of causal interactions outside of the school events.

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