A Rubbish Prediction: Brexit

Made by an unqualified, uninformed, totally biased person.

In the next couple of months, Britain will slowly drag itself up out of the hot economic mess it’s in.

The pound will recover some of its old value, so British holidaymakers will tentatively start going on more holidays abroad.

Many Scots (on both sides) will get angry as Nicola Sturgeon tries to organise yet another referendum to get Scotland to leave the UK.

She will get her way. Scotland will leave the UK and rejoin the EU, and in the process the whole of the old UK will become the laughing stock of Europe.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue muddling their way along, procrastinating Article 50 for as long as possible.

JP Morgan, Airbus, Toyota, Ford, Morgan Stanley, Clyde & Co, Tata Steel, Honda, Mitsubishi, HSBC, Daiwa, Goldman Sachs, Rolls Royce, BMW, Vauxhall, Nissan, Audi, Nomura – all these companies and more will ditch the UK to go set up in a more sensible country.

Farmers will no longer have the subsidy from the EU, so many farms will go bust. Due to the weak pound, import prices will increase. Milk will become a rare resource.

Mass unemployment will result. And now the British don’t have immigrants to blame it on.

The economy, although it will be sort of stable before Scotland leaves, will spiral downwards both in Scotland and in the rest of what’s left of the UK.

People from the Remain camp will hate Theresa May for her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ attitude.

People from the Leave camp will hate Theresa May for not sticking to her ‘Brexit means Brexit’ attitude.

It will take England, Northern Ireland and Wales another couple of years to drag itself back out of the hot economic mess once again.

We’ll end up sucking up to the same EU regulations so that companies can trade with Europe to save our skin. We’ll be in exactly the same political state as before, just with a different label: not EU.

So obviously from my tone I’m a Remain supporter, and we’ll keep fighting long into the murky waters of the future. Nobody knows what will happen, so I’m just speculating. What do you think will happen to Britain in the future? How do other countries view Brexit?

If you want more information, check out these articles here and here by the Guardian. I welcome any comments from those of you who live in the UK as well as those who don’t! Please keep the comments civil, I know that politics can be very divisive. Thanks!


6 thoughts on “A Rubbish Prediction: Brexit

  1. I’m from the U.S. so my full knowledge on the issue is in pieces. Yet from the information and knowledge I’ve gained trough the media and such I can’t seem to fathom how many voted to leave. I have seen a lot of news resources expressing how some individuals voted to leave because they didn’t imagine their votes wouldn’t matter. My head almost slammed the table with one women’s response. Some here in the U.S. are trying to draw parallels with the way some of those voters like the women i mentioned and our own presidential elections. Where some people believe their vote won’t matter, when well duh, obviously it does.

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    • Thanks for your comment. 51.9% voted leave, which is too close to call – I reckon if the weather had been different, we might have stayed 😉 but anyway, I believe that those people who used their vote as a ‘protest vote’ were in the minority, and everyone’s vote definitely DOES matter! There are definitely a lot of parallels to be drawn from the UK to other political situations but I wouldn’t be too hasty to generalise. Great comment!


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