Things I Love About Summer

For many students like me, summer is drawing to a close. I want to appreciate the last couple of weeks before we go back to school, so here I’ll list my favourite things about summer.

  1. Walking barefoot through the freshly mown grass.
  2. Laughing outside in the warm evening.
  3. The sun streaming through the gap in the curtains, gently massaging you awake.
  4. Picking up a new hobby and having the time to pursue it.
  5. Continuing with a loved hobby at the pace that you feel comfortable.
  6. Watching the sparks fly upwards whilst roasting a marshmallow on a bonfire.
  7. Driving towards the pastel pink and baby blue sunset, towards home, after a week away.
  8. The quietness of the house during the afternoon siesta.
  9. The freedom to be able to structure your own time (although it gets tiring after a while).
  10. The excitement of meeting up with awesome friends.

I’ll miss these simple pleasures during the frantic final year to come.

What are your favourite things about summer?


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