Earth’s What’s App to Moon.

Dear Moon,

I often look up when the world is asleep
To see your face, so peacefully deep.
You give me calm, remind me that there
Will be love after hate, and all will be fair.
If only these frustrated humans will look
Up at your face and remember they took
Only a fraction of time that we’ve been together.
So I thank you, moon, for being forever
By my side. Give yourself credit
For more than my tides. Our dance, you led it!
Without you, my friend, my wobbly spin
Would collapse my whole orbit. I hope you agree
That I need you just as much as you need me.

Keep dancing!
Your partner, Earth


12 thoughts on “Earth’s What’s App to Moon.

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    • That’s such an interesting hypothesis, I actually really agree with you! It’s no longer as mysterious and otherworldly as we used to think, once we’ve landed on it and broadcasted it live to the world, I feel like there was a collective realisation that it’s just another lump of rock. Thank you for your thoughts!

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